Lola and Lucy Henderson-Thomas

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    Name: - Lola Jo Henderson-Thomas and Lucy Erica Lee Hender
    Birthdate: - Saturday, December 13 2003
  • Lola''s Weight: @ birth: 6 lbs., 12 oz. @ 2 yrs: 23 lbs. (Jan. 2006)
  • Words: Everything. Usually in command form: "Mama, eat pasta." "Mommy, sit down."
  • Favorite foods: Lola appears to like nothing.
  • Favorite Drink: Lola loves her bubbly mineral water (?!) and juice.
  • And FYI: Lola switches from loving Lucy one second, then demanding that we not hold her the next second.
  • Lucy''s Weight: @ Birth: 9 lbs., 11 oz. @ 7 mos: 18.8 pounds
  • Lucy''s Birthdate: September 13, 2005

News Journal

(Saturday, July 25 2009)

Lucy and Lola are in England with Juliet...and I see there haven''t been many posts here! This past month: Lola lost her second tooth; Lola graduated from Kindergarten from Salisbury Central (thank you Mrs. McClave!); Lucy got into the Pre-K program at ...more

(Sunday, June 14 2009)

Lola lost her first tooth a couple of days ago! We heard that The Tooth Fairy and Mrs. Fairy argued about how much money they were going to leave in exchange for this first tooth, and compromised on $2.50. ...more

(Monday, March 2 2009)

Lucy decided to give herself a haircut this evening. Not just a trim, but a full-fledged number. I kinda like it because it''s short and punky, but we may have to adjust it a little bit to ...more

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Claudia, Sylvia and Tanya...aka the Paz Girls (Tuesday, December 26 2006)

Hellooo, We wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays (and cement a permanent spot in the guestbook). We were just looking at the photos, the girls are adorable. Take Care and best wishes for the New Year! -the Paz girls

Bob ( (Monday, December 18 2006)

Lucy and Lola sure are cute. I really miss you guys. I am glad you are happy. Take care, Bob

Jenna (Monday, October 30 2006)

Dear Tia and Juilet ~ Thank you very much for the books. I really like them! I miss the girls. Can you give them a hug for me? I wish you could have cake with me, too. ...more

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